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Sit back and relax as we're here to take care of your tech, while you look after growing your business. Below are a few honest reasons to choose us.
Bombay Softwares
Diverse team, maximum impact

Diverse team, maximum impact

The founders, all being from different industries have a diverse expertise that translates into our work. With over 5 years of relevant experience in sectors like e-commerce, media, education, banking and hospitality, we are aware that each industry has unique needs and a different way of functioning. This helps us in building your product in the right manner, no matter which niche you belong to.

Hands-on experience, world-class products

We have hands-on experience of all the technologies listed here. By understanding the needs of your product, we decide which languages and services to use for maximum efficiency. It takes a deep understanding of each technology to leverage its prowess and create world-class products. We enjoy doing it day in and day out, dabbling with the best tools to create something better than your expectations.
Hands-on experience, world-class products
Latest technology, advanced output

Latest technology, advanced output

Technology, as you know keeps evolving rapidly and we don’t want to stay behind. To serve you better, we strive hard to keep ourselves updated with the latest technologies. This makes us better, which in turn helps you get a better ROI for your money spent. Be assured that your products will be built using the most advanced technologies out there, we hate outdated pieces of software too.

Complete Transparency with Airtable

We use Airtable for managing our tasks and enhancing collaboration. Once we kick-start the project, we share a complete overview of tasks and milestones on Airtable to help you keep a track of ongoing developments and future deliverables.
  • Better Transparency
  • plus
    Better Clarity
  • equal
    Better Delivery
Complete Transparency with Airtable

Our Approach

Planning, as we know is the foundation of every well-built product. So we spend ample amount of time in ideating and brainstorming about your project. To ensure that we are on the same page throughout the journey, we include you right from the beginning. This also helps us avoid mistakes and make better decisions going forward.
We’ve been building products since a long time now and have cracked the right method behind the madness. Once we are done planning, we start executing upon the decided roadmap. To enable this in a smooth manner, there are particular workflows we follow. The coordination and understanding between our team-mates is incredible. This helps us achieve exceptional levels of productivity without wasting any time on frivolous tasks.
This is the phase where we do our best work. We believe that all good work is iterative in nature and are willing to go the extra mile just to ensure that the product aligns to your vision. Your feedback will be more important to us than our own intuition so we will count on that to make your website or app better than you would have expected.
Launching a product is a chaotic task but trust us to bring order to this chaos. We have successfully delivered end products that go on to garner the love of people. A fully finished product is a result of our expertise put into efforts and your trust in us finally materializing. You will love your product more than you did when it was just an idea, we will make sure you do.