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BS Insider: Rohit Mhatre - Marketing Dynamo at Bombay Softwares

  • 15th Nov, 2023
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BS Insider: Rohit Mhatre - Marketing Dynamo at Bombay Softwares

15th Nov, 2023

    Could you introduce yourself and give us a brief overview of your role and responsibilities at Bombay Softwares?

    Hey there, I'm Rohit Mhatre - a Digital Marketer currently working at Bombay Softwares.

    In my role, I develop and manage digital marketing campaigns for clients, ensuring their effectiveness. I also oversee and analyze the impact of social media platforms. Additionally, I contribute to content strategy, including managing the marketing team.

    My responsibilities involve implementing marketing campaigns for brand recognition and ensuring brands get the right visibility through targeted marketing practices.

    What inspired you to pursue a career in the marketing field, and how did you land at Bombay Softwares?

    I was inspired to pursue a career in the marketing field due to its dynamic nature and the opportunity to drive growth and engagement.

    My journey led me to Bombay Softwares through a deliberate search for a company providing comprehensive exposure to marketing.

    After discovering the opportunity via LinkedIn Jobs, I explored the company further by examining the founders and team members.

    The presence of young and energetic founders at Bombay Softwares resonated with my mindset and aspirations, aligning perfectly with my professional goals.

    What is the most appealing aspect of being part of the BS team?

    The most appealing aspect of being part of the Bombay Softwares (BS) team is the flexibility at work.

    This flexibility is particularly crucial in marketing, allowing me the freedom to think creatively and make informed decisions.

    The work environment at BS, marked by supportive teams and understanding management, complements this flexibility, fostering an atmosphere conducive to innovation and effective marketing strategies.

    Could you share a project that you take immense pride in?

    One project that I take immense pride in is the marketing campaign for an international client in the mining industry. The primary objective was not just to create brand visibility in a specific market but also to establish a differentiating factor to stand out from established competitors.

    Through meticulous research and strategic planning, we implemented a targeted marketing strategy. The success of this initiative not only achieved the goal of enhanced brand visibility but also created a unique position in the market.

    Tell us about the team at Bombay Softwares and the company culture. How do you foster innovation and collaboration within your organisation?

    The team at Bombay Software is characterized by a dynamic and structured culture that focuses on collaboration and growth. As a leader, I contribute to this culture by emphasizing the importance of collective learning and growth. One way I achieve this is by explaining my algorithm and insights to the team, promoting transparency and understanding.

    We practice creativity with regular team discussions, brainstorming sessions, and a shared commitment to continuous learning. This collective approach contributes to the innovative and collaborative spirit at Bombay Softwares.

    How do you spend your time outside of work?

    Outside of work, I engage in activities that revolve around networking and connecting with people. One avenue for this is exploring podcasts, a medium that has provided insights into both my professional life and personal development.

    Additionally, I am passionate about travelling and enjoy exploring new places, especially when accompanied by the right people.