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BS Insider: Arpit Jain - Tech Luminary at Bombay Softwares

  • 22nd Oct, 2023
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BS Insider: Arpit Jain - Tech Luminary at Bombay Softwares

22nd Oct, 2023

    Can you introduce yourself and briefly share your journey as the founder of Bombay Softwares?

    I am currently serving as CTO of the company, primarily dealing with tech initiatives, managing people, and assisting the sales team.

    We started Bombay Softwares in the last quarter of 2017.

    Jan, 2018 was when 2 team members came on board. My previous experience ranges from large corporations to venture-backed startups.

    What inspired you to establish Bombay Softwares?

    The itch to do something in tech, and build products across domains as I believe I have had a good understanding of business & tech. We bootstrapped Campusby; worked on it for 2 years then started Bombay Softwares.

    As the leader of the BS team, what's the most rewarding aspect of your role?

    I get to meet & talk to some very smart people across the world. Listen to their ideas, brainstorm & build products for the masses.

    How do you see Bombay Softwares impacting the software industry?

    I like to stay ahead in tech. Improving efficiency and maintaining quality are areas in which I am actively working.

    The goal is to ship products faster and better while keeping everyone's learning curve moving upward. Win-Win for all.

    Is there a project or achievement you take immense pride in as the founder, and what makes it special?

    There are many, to be honest. Each one of them brings a different level of complexity and domain exposure. It’s hard to pick one.

    Tell us about the team and culture at Bombay Softwares, and how you foster innovation and collaboration.

    Well, each of us (founders) worked in the industry for 6-7 years before venturing into the world of business/entrepreneurship.

    We simply ensure that everyone is at ease, doing what they enjoy, and, most importantly, adding value. It's just who we are and how we prefer things. We are impacting not only the people who work with us but also their families.

    Beyond leading Bombay Softwares, how do you spend your time, and what hobbies contribute to your leadership approach?

    Ok, I read a lot; books, news, tech articles, and listen to podcasts.

    Cooking is something that I have learned this year and I’m really liking it. I enjoy activities that require your complete focus and attention.

    Apart from that, I like to travel and do all sorts of adrenaline-pumping activities.

    Is there a place/city that you would recommend to visit?

    Been to many amazing places but I would recommend the Glaciers in Iceland, absolutely stunning.