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BS Insider: Shreya Sharma - The Sales Maestro at Bombay Softwares

  • 25th Jan, 2023
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BS Insider: Shreya Sharma - The Sales Maestro at Bombay Softwares

25th Jan, 2023

    Could you introduce yourself and give us a brief overview of your role and responsibilities at Bombay Softwares?

    My primary responsibilities revolve around driving growth in the company. This involves generating sales, managing key client relationships, and overseeing the sales team.

    My role extends beyond the initial sales pitch – This involves understanding their needs, addressing concerns, and collaborating with the internal teams to deliver solutions that exceed expectations.

    What inspired you to pursue a career in the IT Sales industry, and how did you land at Bombay Softwares?

    My decision to pursue a career in IT Sales was to stay connected with both domains - technology and business. Following the completion of my graduation in IT engineering, I wanted to do an MBA hence I started my career as a Business Developer to gain a bit of experience in this domain and since then I never looked back.

    When I joined Bombay Softwares, there were about 20 employees. I was skeptical at first but I saw it as a great chance to start things from scratch. This kind of opportunity might not have been available in larger companies. It allowed me to take on different roles initially which has been a constant source of learning.

    What is the most appealing aspect of being part of the BS team?

    The most appealing aspect of being part of the BS team is forward thinking and solution-based approach.

    When we face challenges in projects or client interactions, our focus is on finding solutions to keep us moving forward.

    Whenever I encounter difficulties, I appreciate the accessibility of the directors for guidance and suggestions. They not only provide solutions but also create an environment where employees like me can freely share our ideas and perspectives.

    Tell us about the team at Bombay Softwares and the company culture. How do you foster innovation and collaboration within your organization?

    It is a team of young and open-minded individuals fostering transparent communication. There is no Sir/Mam culture; there's a flat hierarchy promoting equality and respect for everyone, regardless of their designation. Additionally, it's a place that values and supports work-life balance.

    How do you spend your time outside of work?

    After work, what matters most to me is spending time with my family and catching up on important but pending tasks I've saved for the weekend, like watching series, and YouTube videos, or handling important things like bank-related matters.

    I also make it a point to engage in activities I enjoyed as a child, such as attending drawing or dance workshops.