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Planet Superheroes

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Planet Superheroes

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Planet Superheroes is an Omnichannel Ecommerce company. A progressive web application for e-commerce selling official superhero products by Marvel, DC, Disney, Harry Potter etc. It is an integrated e-commerce that is connected to a network of 20+ stores spread across India. All store inventory is synced to our website and orders placed on the website get routed to either our warehouse or to one of our nearest stores based on an intelligent algorithm.

Brainstorming, Design, Development, Deployment



To migrate the tech stack and completely rebuild from scratch a highly configurable, fast, user friendly & omnichannel e-commerce platform for selling superhero products. Another concept was to create multiple websites powered by a single catalog.



We developed a web progressive app using Python and React JS which meets the client's expectation. So users can access & install it using mobile, tablet and computer as well. It comes with a very clean & captivating design.

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