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Employee Choice Portal

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Employee Choice Portal

employee choice portal

Employee Choice Platform is a multi tenant enterprise e-commerce platform to facilitate seamless online transactions between buyers and sellers. This all-in-one solution empowers businesses to create their virtual storefronts and efficiently manage their sales and inventory. With a focus on user-friendliness and performance, the platform offers a wide range of key features to enhance the e-commerce experience for both sellers and buyers.

Brainstorming, Design, Development, Deployment


employee choice portal

Creating a robust multi-vendor platform demands meticulous planning and execution. Managing diverse product catalogues, seller profiles, and ensuring seamless synchronization of inventory and order data from various vendors is complex. Balancing performance, security, and user experience while accommodating multiple sellers requires careful architectural decisions.

Tailoring the platform to suit the unique needs of different enterprises involves considerable effort. Each enterprise may have specific branding, business processes, and customization requirements. Ensuring a flexible and modular architecture that allows easy customization without sacrificing system integrity is a significant challenge.

Integrating multiple payment gateways to accommodate various payment methods can be challenging. Additionally, allowing sellers to choose their preferred payment gateway adds complexity, as each gateway may have unique technical requirements and APIs. Ensuring secure and reliable payment processing across all gateways is crucial to maintain buyer trust.


We facilitated customization options for each enterprise through a dynamic theme and layout management system. Enterprises can customize their branding elements like logos, and banners etc. A user-friendly admin dashboard allow easy customization of the store's appearance without altering the core functionalities of the platform. This empowers enterprises to maintain their unique identity and cater to their target audience effectively.

We implemented a real-time analysis of inventory stock levels by setting up a scheduler that periodically checks and updates the inventory status. A notification is triggered to the sellers when their inventory reaches the predefined threshold. This proactive approach ensures sellers can restock in a timely manner, avoiding stockouts and enhancing customer satisfaction.

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