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Internally Enhance Employee Productivity and Efficiency.


Automate User Manuals.

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Tailor your GPT using your content

Customise GPT with Your Content

Tailor your GPT using your content

Enhanced Efficiency

Utilizing a tailored GPT chatbot, fueled by GPT-4 and your business data, automates tasks and accelerates responses to customer queries. This empowers employees to focus on strategic priorities while enhancing customer interactions through tailored experiences.

Utilizing a GPT model that responds with precision based on individualized business content and data ensures that businesses deliver tailored and help with customer interactions. This approach elevates the overall customer experience, fostering deeper engagement and satisfaction.

By harnessing the advanced capabilities of GPT-4 technology. Elevate your business above competitors by enhancing efficiency and productivity. With GPT-4, streamline operations and save valuable employee hours through rapid responses, surpassing the limitations of conventional search methods.

Data Sources for ChatBot



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Simplify your business content with [Product Name]

Effortless Implementation

Efficiently incorporate your business content using our user-friendly, no-code website integration or simply upload your files—no coding or IT support necessary.


Powered by GPT-4

Access GPT-4 enabled responses tailored to your content and data, ensuring accuracy without fabricating information, thanks to the industry's leading anti-hallucination algorithm. All responses come with thorough citations and sources.


Custom Bot Deployment

Integrate your personalized chatbot seamlessly into your website through embed widgets or Livechat functionality. Alternatively, integrate it into your existing workflows via the API.

Integrate Your ChatBot with...


Web App


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What Our Clients Say?


Working with Bombay Softwares was so amazing. They not only understand your needs and wants, but can execute it in an amazing way. Being a small business owner, it's invaluable to work with a company that is fair, honest, and understands your needs. Look no further, I will be using them again in the future.

Paul D

Paul D.

Haywire Weekend

Bombay Softwares did an excellent job for me: they reviewed an app that has been successfully made by them a year ago, and they did fast and good. I highly advice to work with them for web development, I'll do it for sure! Great programming and great customer care, I had some delays by myself but they took great care of me Great team, very efficient and disposable. Highly recommended!

Marcello C

Marcello C.


The team has been excellent at understanding my brief to build an app for Tree Identification of Australian trees. I was impressed with how responsive they were to my queries, and also how they helped me explain the programming and technology in a way I could understand. I feel that they went above and beyond to help deliver a great product that I can be proud of. I highly recommend Bombay Softwares team for any one who wants to build their own mobile app.



Arboricultural Consultant

The team did a great job developing our product that can be scaled across categories and geographies. Whether it was providing direct development support or giving us suggestions to make features better/scalable, their work was top notch! Highly Recommended.

Keyur S

Keyur S.


Six months of working with Bombay Softwares has been a breeze - they work with you to understand your business, tech processes, and plug into those. They have been developing critical components in our tech stack, and with great quality.

Bhumil H

Bhumil H.

Paycraft Solutions

I've worked with Bombay Softwares team in various capacities. Their efficiency as a team and the ability to go beyond what's already there on the paper is something which I find extremely valuable as a client. They have hands-on experience of various technologies, giving them an edge over others. I'd highly recommend Bombay Softwares for your website and mobile app needs.

Megha V

Megha V.


I am happy with flexibility and eagerness of team to satisfy our requirements. Wish them very best.

Dinesh S

Dinesh S.

Origa Leasing

These guys are really quick and intelligent, they delivered my product on time.

Shrikant V

Shrikant V.

Untramelled Business Solutions

Had a wonderful experience with their services.

Sachin J

Sachin J.


What if chatbot knew all your business content?

Try [Product Name].ai


How does custom ChatBot understands user queries?

Custom chatbots leverage advanced NLP and machine learning to understand queries and improve continuously.

Data privacy and security in chatbots are ensured through encryption, anonymization, data retention policies, security audits, access controls, and GDPR compliance.

Custom chatbots integrate custom knowledge base, advanced NLP algorithms, and unique functionalities, unlike pre-built solutions.

Collect and preprocess data, train models with supervised learning, fine-tune using reinforcement learning, and monitor ongoing accuracy.