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Argot is a language learning app powered by AI for users to achieve fluency in their target language. It offers a personalized learning experience tailored to individual goals and proficiency levels. With a user-friendly interface and engaging features, learners can access a vast library of interactive lessons, practice exercises, and real-world situations. Argot empowers users to achieve mastery in reading, listening, and speaking skills, covering a diverse range of courses and chapters. It also incorporates gamification to reward the users with badges as they unlock the milestones in their journey.

Mobile Application
Brainstorming, Design, Development, Deployment



Developing a diverse range of language courses, lessons, exercises, and managing the content effectively to provide comprehensive learning materials.

Adapting the app for different languages, cultures, and regions to provide a localized experience for global users.

We faced technical challenges while integrating speech recognition, natural language processing, and AI capabilities for interactive language skills involving speaking.



We implemented a customized content management system to effectively organize and update learning materials, ensuring comprehensive and up-to-date resources for users.

We conducted extensive research and collaborated with native speakers and cultural experts to adapt the app for different languages, cultures, and regions.

We continuously conduct extensive testing of speech recognition and NLP capabilities to ensure accurate feedback and a seamless interactive experience for the users.

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