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It helps colleges and educational institutes to streamline communication across students, faculties, administrative staff and alumni members. Through this application, people can manage regular updates, attendance records, placements, online admissions and much more with a powerful and user friendly application. The ease of navigation within the product makes it easy for the end-user to operate it.

Android, iOS, Web
Brainstorming, Design, Development, Deployment



A new way to communicate, reducing the time, being more productive and prompt with portable accessibility. Creating several types of reports to ease administrative work and keeping track of records.

We wanted users to have the flexibility of accessing the important update around the clock on internet-enabled devices.

The other aspects of challenge includes handling real time data of college activities, online/offline records of attendance, one-click data send facility, sharing of knowledge, polling events, provision to buy/sell stuff for college purpose, college clubs, monitoring overall performance of each studentl, dashboard with birds eye view of the data and maintaining a separate portal for alumni section.

The critical part of the challenge includes how a user could monitor his/her entire log of activities at one place with accuracy. Automatic creation of student sections while also allowing creation of custom groups.


campusbyimg4.72401aa3.png To combat the various challenges, we designed our product to make it accessible to various platforms and with an engaging user interface.

An efficient algorithm is implemented as a backend for handling all real time data in conjunction to providing users with more privacy.

The platform aims for a common place where students as well as faculties can post the college updates regarding exam timetable, college fees reminder, extra lecture notes and many more.

The application allows users to search with multiple options and monitor their overall activities on the dashboard and that the users gets a display of accurate information with respect to their queries.

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My Candidature

My Candidature is a SaaS based platform which takes a skill assessment of candidates either for an interview or a college exam. This platform helps in reducing the time of hiring process & conduct exams. Using Deep algorithms, it generates questionnaires on its own, based on skills and years of experience. A test link is sent to the candidate on their email by the authority person, to conduct the hiring process. Also, helps in managing the hiring lifecycle.

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