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Experience a paradigm shift in onboard financial management with Starboard. Seamlessly handle crew accountability, enjoy unmatched flexibility, and maintain complete control over your yacht's funds. With user-friendly budget creation, expense tracking, and effortless report generation, Starboard is the next-generation solution that redefines how you manage your yacht, crew, and expenses.

Mobile Application
Brainstorming, Development, Deployment



Designing the app to function offline posed a challenge due to the lack of internet connectivity on yachts. It required incorporating all possible offline features and ensuring that the app contained the necessary yacht data for seamless operation. When an internet connection is available, the app needed to sync all data while restricting the user from performing any actions.

Integrating the app with third-party banking and financial services to facilitate functionalities such as creating bank accounts, cards, transactions, and payments presented its own set of challenges. It needs to handle payments globally for multiple currencies as well.

Designing and implementing a robust user management system to manage different yachts, accounts, user roles, permissions, etc.



To address the challenge of offline functionality, the app has a local database that stores essential yacht data. When an internet connection is available, a synchronization mechanism is implemented to automatically sync the local data with the server, ensuring data consistency.

We developed the admin panel to offer a user-friendly interface where administrators can manage user accounts, assign roles and permissions, and handle access control.

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It is an API driven & highly configurable platform that works closely with other financial platforms like Xero. Enjoyjobs is intended to meet the necessities of small businesses for bookkeeping of various particulars like inventory, manpower, project cost, etc. Enjoyjobs is friendly and usable and comes with the cluster of ranked features that help to close important accounting gaps. From data entry to accounting, it caters complex financial operations, and diminishes the time spent on scrambling voluminous records.

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