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Pibbix app is designed to revolutionize the voicemail experience. Users can convert voicemails into text using cutting-edge A.I. technology and could experience personalized greetings for each caller based on their identity. It offers unlimited, permanent, and searchable storage for all important voicemails. Rest easy knowing that our app prioritizes privacy and security, offering a safer alternative to your network voicemail.

Mobile Application
Brainstorming, Development, Deployment



Ensuring high accuracy in converting voicemails to text using A.I. technology, overcoming challenges such as background noise, varying accents, and speech patterns to provide reliable transcription.

Designing a storage infrastructure capable of handling scalable and searchable storage, ensuring quick access and efficient search functionality as the user base and voicemail volume grow.

Addressing concerns around privacy and security by implementing robust encryption measures, securing user data, and offering enhanced protection compared to network voicemail systems.



We leveraged the Utilized state-of-the-art A.I. algorithms specifically trained on diverse speech patterns, accents, and background noises to improve transcription accuracy.

Built a robust and scalable storage infrastructure using cloud-based technologies that can handle the growing user base and increasing voicemail volume.

Ensuring compatibility with various devices and operating systems, as well as seamless integration with existing voicemail systems.

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