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Borates Today publishes news, insights, guides, latest special reports about boron, borates, and borax for investors, researchers, and readers.

Brainstorming, Content Writing, Search Engine Optimization, Organic Marketing


  1. Lack of market awareness.
  2. Strong competition.
  3. Need to establish credibility.
  4. Create a loyal audience group.


To overcome these challenges, we conducted thorough research on competitors and the market to identify the target audience. Also, we realized that to reach the top of the funnel and attract investors, Borates Today needs to establish a strong authority in the market by providing educational or informational based content.

We targeted this audience through website content and social media, resulting in high levels of engagement and strong visibility.

On-site and off-site SEO also played a critical role in gaining visibility and brand awareness in front of investors. Overall, the strategic approach and implementation successfully achieved the desired results for Borates Today.


The website generates over 10,000 monthly organic search traffic, with 15,000+ backlinks and 5,330 keywords driving most of the traffic. These metrics showcase the website's strong SEO strategy and potential for further organic growth.

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