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Arpit Jain

Arpit Jain


Founder & CTO

Pallav Purohit

Pallav Purohit


Founder & COO

Sourabh Modi

Sourabh Modi


Founder & CFO

Shreya Sharma

Shreya Sharma


Team Lead - Customer Success

Ankit Malviya

Ankit Malviya


Senior Executive - Customer Success


We are delivering best-in-class products and services worldwide, using diverse technologies for B2B and B2C companies.

Tech at BS:

1. AI & Machine Learning:
Our ML solutions optimize operations, deep learning transforms customer experiences, and NLP enables interactive communication.

2. Cloud Services:
We connect with your systems seamlessly, optimize your IT infrastructure, and ensure data accessibility and security.

3. Mobile App Development:
Reach millions with our Android, iOS, React Native, and Flutter app development expertise.

4. Web Development:
Visually stunning and flawless web experiences from UI/UX to backend solutions.

5. Desktop Applications:
Elevate your desktop experience with our cross-platform Electron.js development.

Future Possibilities:

1. Business Analytics:
Drive decisions with intelligent algorithms for real-time insights.

2. Predictive Maintenance:
Minimize downtime using machine learning for equipment failure prediction.

3. Personalized Customer Interactions:
Strengthen relationships with AI-powered chatbots understanding customer needs.

4. Enhanced Inventory Management:
Streamline stock control with image recognition for improved satisfaction.

5. Streamlined E-commerce Transactions:
Ensure secure, scalable transactions with robust cloud infrastructure.

What Our Clients Say?


Working with Bombay Softwares was so amazing. They not only understand your needs and wants, but can execute it in an amazing way. Being a small business owner, it's invaluable to work with a company that is fair, honest, and understands your needs. Look no further, I will be using them again in the future.

Paul D

Paul D.

Haywire Weekend

Bombay Softwares did an excellent job for me: they reviewed an app that has been successfully made by them a year ago, and they did fast and good. I highly advice to work with them for web development, I'll do it for sure! Great programming and great customer care, I had some delays by myself but they took great care of me Great team, very efficient and disposable. Highly recommended!

Marcello C

Marcello C.


The team has been excellent at understanding my brief to build an app for Tree Identification of Australian trees. I was impressed with how responsive they were to my queries, and also how they helped me explain the programming and technology in a way I could understand. I feel that they went above and beyond to help deliver a great product that I can be proud of. I highly recommend Bombay Softwares team for any one who wants to build their own mobile app.



Arboricultural Consultant

The team did a great job developing our product that can be scaled across categories and geographies. Whether it was providing direct development support or giving us suggestions to make features better/scalable, their work was top notch! Highly Recommended.

Keyur S

Keyur S.


Six months of working with Bombay Softwares has been a breeze - they work with you to understand your business, tech processes, and plug into those. They have been developing critical components in our tech stack, and with great quality.

Bhumil H

Bhumil H.

Paycraft Solutions

I've worked with Bombay Softwares team in various capacities. Their efficiency as a team and the ability to go beyond what's already there on the paper is something which I find extremely valuable as a client. They have hands-on experience of various technologies, giving them an edge over others. I'd highly recommend Bombay Softwares for your website and mobile app needs.

Megha V

Megha V.


I am happy with flexibility and eagerness of team to satisfy our requirements. Wish them very best.

Dinesh S

Dinesh S.

Origa Leasing

These guys are really quick and intelligent, they delivered my product on time.

Shrikant V

Shrikant V.

Untramelled Business Solutions

Had a wonderful experience with their services.

Sachin J

Sachin J.



Goa News

Goa News provides accurate and relevant news to specific regional audiences, keeping them informed about local events and occurrences.

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Goa News|Bombay Softwares

Employee Choice Portal

Employee Choice Platform is a multi tenant enterprise e-commerce platform to facilitate seamless online transactions between buyers and sellers. This all-in-one solution empowers businesses to create their virtual storefronts and efficiently manage their sales and inventory. With a focus on user-friendliness and performance, the platform offers a wide range of key features to enhance the e-commerce experience for both sellers and buyers.

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Employee Choice Portal|Bombay Softwares

Sniper Analytics

Experience a new era of price prediction with Sniper Analytics designed to revolutionize investment decisions. It utilizes cutting-edge algorithms and real-time data analysis to provide accurate forecasts, giving investors the insights they need to make informed trading decisions and maximize their returns. The intuitive interface and user-friendly features make it accessible to investors of all levels, ensuring everyone can benefit from its powerful predictive capabilities.

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Sniper Analytics|Bombay Softwares


Pibbix app is designed to revolutionize the voicemail experience. Users can convert voicemails into text using cutting-edge A.I. technology and could experience personalized greetings for each caller based on their identity. It offers unlimited, permanent, and searchable storage for all important voicemails. Rest easy knowing that our app prioritizes privacy and security, offering a safer alternative to your network voicemail.

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Pibbix|Bombay Softwares


Merlin is a Personal Fitness Trainer app which can help you to reach your fitness goals by providing personalized training advice and feedback in real time. It is designed to help you learn proper form and technique for various exercises and even allows you to customize and tailor your workout plans to your individual goals and needs.

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Merlin|Bombay Softwares


Argot is a language learning app powered by AI for users to achieve fluency in their target language. It offers a personalized learning experience tailored to individual goals and proficiency levels. With a user-friendly interface and engaging features, learners can access a vast library of interactive lessons, practice exercises, and real-world situations. Argot empowers users to achieve mastery in reading, listening, and speaking skills, covering a diverse range of courses and chapters. It also incorporates gamification to reward the users with badges as they unlock the milestones in their journey.

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Argot|Bombay Softwares


Experience a paradigm shift in onboard financial management with Starboard. Seamlessly handle crew accountability, enjoy unmatched flexibility, and maintain complete control over your yacht's funds. With user-friendly budget creation, expense tracking, and effortless report generation, Starboard is the next-generation solution that redefines how you manage your yacht, crew, and expenses.

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Starboard|Bombay Softwares

Borates Today

Borates Today publishes news, insights, guides, latest special reports about boron, borates, and borax for investors, researchers, and readers.

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Borates Today|Bombay Softwares


Proactly helps you with on-time completion of all compliances and internal tasks.

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Proactly|Bombay Softwares

Planet Superheroes

Planet Superheroes is an Omnichannel Ecommerce company. A progressive web application for e-commerce selling official superhero products by Marvel, DC, Disney, Harry Potter etc. It is an integrated e-commerce that is connected to a network of 20+ stores spread across India. All store inventory is synced to our website and orders placed on the website get routed to either our warehouse or to one of our nearest stores based on an intelligent algorithm.

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Planet Superheroes|Bombay Softwares

My Candidature

My Candidature is a SaaS based platform which takes a skill assessment of candidates either for an interview or a college exam. This platform helps in reducing the time of hiring process & conduct exams. Using Deep algorithms, it generates questionnaires on its own, based on skills and years of experience. A test link is sent to the candidate on their email by the authority person, to conduct the hiring process. Also, helps in managing the hiring lifecycle.

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My Candidature|Bombay Softwares

Mindspring Therapies

Mindspring Therapies utilize music to ameliorate and maintain the physical, psychological, and social well-being of individuals. It can improve medical outcomes as well as quality of life in numerous ways. This app offers solutions to many mundane problems like stress, anxiety, Insomnia and aiding physical therapy and rehabilitation along with being effective in treating few chronic pains. This app comes with amalgamation of various music therapies for helping a person in weight loss, quitting smoking, increasing focus and productivity, achieving deep state of relaxation and Insomnia issues and few more areas.

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Mindspring Therapies|Bombay Softwares


It is an API driven & highly configurable platform that works closely with other financial platforms like Xero. Enjoyjobs is intended to meet the necessities of small businesses for bookkeeping of various particulars like inventory, manpower, project cost, etc. Enjoyjobs is friendly and usable and comes with the cluster of ranked features that help to close important accounting gaps. From data entry to accounting, it caters complex financial operations, and diminishes the time spent on scrambling voluminous records.

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Enjoyjobs|Bombay Softwares


Corus is designed for people coming from the same vicinity. Corus is a social networking platform that allows users to explore people having similar interests & hobbies. Corus unleashes the possibility of unified apps which can be used by residence members, locality authorities, local vendors, and government officials to maintain regular communications.

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Corus|Bombay Softwares


Comdoity is a social media platform where people exchange their services. It helps to meet new people, interact and expand social networks. This platform encourages society to help others and in return gets help from another person. It also allows companies and individuals to promote their expertise in action, to participate in paid services, and to reach out to those seeking their assistance. The platform supports English and Swedish languages.

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Comdoity|Bombay Softwares

Australian Tree ID

Australian Tree ID is a comprehensive, helpful app to identify species of trees, conifers & palms using images & detailed descriptions. The Australian Tree ID allows you to identify more than 235 species using a simple identification key using traits such as leaf shape and colour, flower shape and fruit type. It is difficult to identify a tree easily just by taking a glance at it. The app allows you to identify species using a simple identification key features such as the leaf shape, flower shape, fruit form and bark texture. Each tree has a full description covering its origin, specification and landscape notes for preferred growing preference. It describes in detail native and exotic trees of NSW, ACT, VIC, TAS and SA, found growing commonly within our urban streets, parks and gardens. It is the perfect app for all Arborists, Gardeners, Landscape Architects, Biologists and nature lovers.

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Australian Tree ID|Bombay Softwares


It helps colleges and educational institutes to streamline communication across students, faculties, administrative staff and alumni members. Through this application, people can manage regular updates, attendance records, placements, online admissions and much more with a powerful and user friendly application. The ease of navigation within the product makes it easy for the end-user to operate it.

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Campusby|Bombay Softwares

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Open till 04th March, 2024

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LEAP 2024 is a premier global tech event, showcasing transformative solutions and innovations across various industries, including cutting-edge technologies.

LEAP 2024 will take place at the Riyadh Exhibition and Convention Center, Malham, Saudi Arabia.

LEAP 2024 is scheduled to take place from March 4th to 7th, 2024, with timings from 11 am to 7 pm.

Yes, Bombay Softwares will participate in LEAP 2024, showcasing its wide range of services from software development to system integration.

Meet us for valuable insights, collaborative opportunities, and innovative solutions tailored to your specific business needs.

Tech Enthusiasts, IT Professionals, Business Decision-Makers, Startups and SMEs.

You can find Bombay Softwares at Booth Number - H5.G38 during LEAP 2024.

Our sales team to contact you via email with the necessary details.