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What is Enjoyjobs about?
It is an API driven & highly configurable platform that works closely with other financial platforms like Xero. Enjoyjobs is intended to meet the necessities of small businesses for bookkeeping of various particulars like inventory, manpower, project cost, etc. Enjoyjobs is friendly and usable and comes with the cluster of ranked features that help to close important accounting gaps. From data entry to accounting, it caters complex financial operations, and diminishes the time spent on scrambling voluminous records.
The product was initially developed for a single organization and then it was converted to a SAAS based model.
Integration with Xero API with major changes from oauth 1.0 to oauth 2.0 was a huge huddle.
The reporting mechanism of multi level users with different access and integration of features like inventory with purchase order and sales order in a single go made things harder to execute.
The crucial challenge includes maintaining a unique serial number to Xero when pushing data from Enjoyjobs to avoid conflicts of duplicity in Xero.
What's more, client needed something that can look upon overall financials.
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We revamped the schema to accommodate multiple organizations and Xero oauth 2.0. We allowed organisation admin to add as many roles as they want alongside the flexibility of CRUD access in their own way. With this, we covered almost all use cases which any financial team could have.
In order to maintain a unique serial number, we allowed organisations to create their own pattern on EnjoyJobs (Prefix/suffix) so that it doesn’t get duplicated or lost on Xero accounting.
To handle multiple reports, we saved all data in the DB tables rather than just calculating it on the frontend (like GST 10%). This helped us to formulate the combination of reports the way we wanted to.
Enjoyjobs is a smart approach where we validate the data before it gets into Xero. This helps avoiding rework as there would be a point by point rundown of all performed activities.
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